A Return to Mother's Love

Artist and writer Daniel Helmstetter wrote a series of poems, short stories and prose around the universal feeling a mother's love. We created this project that sent out the stories via balloon, symbolically into the sky (reaching his mother) and connecting him to the very thread that bound him to mankind. Each ballon also had a note attached with contact information and instructions on how to send in the location the balloons reached. We documented the process and created the book, A Return to Mother's Love. 

Book PDF available for download here.


"A Return To Mother's Love is a welcome home party for all those seeking reconnection with the nurturing and unconditional love a mother shares with her child. It is a celebration of the warmth, clarity, purpose, and wisdom of the womb. It is a warm hug with open arms for every mother's child. It is one child's expressions of growth endured, gratitude given, roads traveled, and lessons learned. It is a stepping stone in the evolution of a boy striving for balance and connection in a time of extremes and alienation. It is A Return To Mother's Love."
(back cover)