I linked up with Nov York through my friend Matthew McGuinness of the arts group, the 62. The graffiti writer/author had released 3 previous short works of fiction, and had worked with the Lower East Side boutique ALIFE in creating small runs of his original publications. NOV had this new piece, much shorter than his previous works titled 'Take this, take that, take everything.'

A story about a young man who must break the chains of society or be broken. After selling his last three books, NOV not only wanted to get his message into the hands of kids, but along with the concept of the story, knew we had to distribute it for free. Our target of teenage boys lead us to the bodega counter, where our packaged books would live along side quarter candies, slices of dulce de leech, and guava jellies. We landed on a sliding gum package that could stack in the acrylic counter slots usually reserved for candies and lotto tickets. A series of three covers, each cardboard slide cover featured a sexy 'take this' girl cracking the young men and representing a flavor of doom this book will warn against (party, money and drugs), while nodding to the pulp fiction magazines sold in the same stores a generation before.

The book itself was saddle stitched and printed in a gold pantone ink. Along the right hand side of the spread held the linear story representing the present, and the left side representing the past, collects the mirror image of every article that's taken from the character. The finally ends in a total slab of overprinted gold words, hardly discernible from the next.

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