Third Rail Coffee

Coffee shops have historically been the stronghold of revolutionary thinkers, creatives and artists, and the caffeine laden drinks their fuel. Third Rail Coffee wanted to tap into the feeling of a small coffee shop as a place where big revolutionary, counter culture ideas germinate over classic coffee creations around the famed West Village.

We explored subversive poster art and communist-era type forms and illustrations. Launching with a minimum and cost effective aesthetic we created a stamp for letterheads, bean bags, paper cups and gift certificates. A blog style website with magazine-like full bleed imagery and chat boards were launched around the brand and signage for the Sullivan Street location were executed for the first location. Since Third Rail’s inception, the shop’s baristas have racked numerous awards in the world of coffee, and the local feeling of the store and its culture has earned it a reputation for being a notable hang out around it’s Washington Square Park location.